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tv   [untitled]    October 29, 2011 1:30pm-2:00pm PDT

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applicable abc license conditions. president newlin: you are ok with that? >> absolutely. >> can i make a comment? president newlin: of course you can. i am involved in district 6 and a lot of people have come to me and wish you well and appreciate the average you did in the neighborhood -- outreach you did in the neighborhood and you involve yourself in the committee and i hope that continues. >>president newlin: do you wanto make a motion? >> i want to move to approve. >> second. president newlin: call the roll with the conditions? good luck. >> next we have debra cohn.
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the business is asiento. the format is a neighborhood bar with occasional bj's. -- dj's. the owner has gone through a procedure is more extensive than ours. i was not able to count how many signatures. there was one letter we received on friday with concerns about violating the planning code. >> a nice, big poster. good evening. i did go through a conditional use change. my bar is a bar. it is a type 40 a license,.
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i serve tapas. it is a taco truck area and i am selling food, more than i'd thought it would sell. i sell to midnight on weekends and isi bakery and pop up to do business. i think like you know, food keeps the club atmosphere down and keeps the social ambiance and people drink more. i have over 200 signatures. they came into my bart to san my petition. i ask patrons that were there -- it is on the corner of 21st and bryant. it started out with pool ta
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bles and got cleaned up. it was an after-hours club and i heard of it from san jose. it was always a nightclub. i live across the street and three doors down. everybody knew me as the garage sale lady. i met lots of the neighbors and i live there. i know all the neighbors and they all know me. i am approachable, the come to talk to me about everything. i am now the local noise completely. there is david down the street that is having a party, i get the call. i do my -- i ask him to keep it down. i will get the guard card. i am there all the time.
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i self run and are tanned three nights a week. if there are any concerns -- the neighbors, the one woman who complained about this to the commission, she came and spoke with me. she said i was raising small children before and now my daughter goes to your are. it is a real neighborhood spot. the only thing i have not in souninstalled now, sound limite. e so i respectfully request i am allowed entertainment until 2:00
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a.m. and if there are issues, i will address them and make whatever changes necessary. president newlin: any questions by the commission? >> she said it will have -- you will have dj's, would you have promoters? >> none of them are big enough. we project in from wherever. most are people that have a lot of friends and they want to dj in a professional system. they bring a lot of people. i -- also people who have birthdays, they [unintelligible] and they have their dj friends and some are horrible. there might be an occasional one
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that has a promoter. i will not do any big craziness. i want to do a last night. -- latin night. that latin guy is a pretty big dj at my city. he understands the noise has to be down. he is officially a promoter but it is not promoters. it is a small venue. only 1200 square feet including the kitchen. >> no one paid me personally to do anything in her part. there are occasional one night permits she is done. it is very lengthy so she can have some of these birthday parties, that is what she is talking about. president newlin: any other
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questions by the commission? any public comment? my the concern is if we keep getting these places of entertainment that are so good that will put [unintelligible] out of work. >> i am the building owner along with my brother. we have owned the building for over 12 years and had a couple of tenants down there and during that time, i have not had one complaint from my residence upstairs. i have not had any petitions from the city telling me to make sure the garbage cans are brought in off the sidewalk. debbie has been nothing but a model tenant, she has run nothing but a complete professional operation. being born and raised in the city and being older than i look, i have seen how sometimes the city has encouraged the
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people doing the wrong things. i astrongly asking you brought this because this is someone who is doing the right thing and doing it very well and professionally. thank you. president newlin: thank you. sir? >> i spoke last time at the planning hearing. as one of the dj's that perform their occasionally, i do not suck. but seriously, she runs a model business and the neighborhood has approved. a lot of happy people come in and out, and it is nice for me being a local guy to me with my fans and be able to perform. please recommend that you grant this permit. president newlin: thank you for coming.
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seeing no more public comment, the matter is with the commission. do we have that motion? motion to approve. second? >> second. president newlin: ok. >>good luck, that you for coming in. item six g. 287th street, place of entertainment permit. >> this one will be a little bit funky because they're not opening in the coming weeks. they are without recommendations from sfpd suggested that is my fault for not getting it to them
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in a timely manner. i wanted to come clean on that. >> i am here tonight with louis caputo who will be the general manager. he has for the last 11 years in the general manager of the cafe in the castro and several years before that as a bartender. our head of security and the head of security at the cafe, m ike hyatt. i have given out a packet that will -- it has an invite from the first neighborhood meeting that took place last night at a really good restaurant called radius. it was rainy and we drew 18
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people from the neighborhood. in your packet is a handout from that meeting. there is also a signature of support from approximately half the people who were there. notably, two people at 77 langdon which is adjacent to the old space. this has been an entertainment venue, i lived in south of market for 35 years and it has been an entertainment venue for 30 years. i lived within a block of it. mr. hutachinda bought it about 2.5 years ago. it is in a sorry state of repair. i am sorry for the bad photograph. as you will see, there is a leaking roof. this is mild, dry rot, and mold. we were hoping to because it
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will take this a couple years to get the entitlements on this project and we were hoping that we could open at least some of the venue during that time. the remains to be seen because it may cost us too much to do that. andrew mediate the dry rot. -- and remediate the dry rot. this is the 7th street facade as it now stands. we have this elevation, there will be a bar and nightclub going back to a storage unit, a storage area. and there are two residences that will be built along linden
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street -- langdon street. the bar/restaurant will go on the second floor on a large balcony. this is an elevator shaft. there is an elevator here. it will go to a roof dining deck and that is what i am excited about. i live within a block and a half of this project and it will have a 49 seat rooftop garden. because of the height limit, you will be able to see south of market, a bond to twin peaks and it will be a nice place to have breakfast or brunch on sunday.
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this is showing the bar area again. there is a dance floor and stage, a big bar. the second is a large balcony, a vip area looking down. the two living units are separated by airspace and yard. when this project is done, we will be consulting charles s alter for sound attenuation. this is the first rebuilding of a major entertainment venue i know. i have been doing this for 30 years. it is going to be a mixed used project with residences and entertainment venue in the same building. we are excited about this because we believe it can happen and we believe that with the right sound attenuation, the right design from the beginning, that this can work
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and it will set a standard for other venues, we believe. it gets down to how much separation you have, you have all this stuff separating the the main sound system from the residences in the back. this is the third floor. this will have along seventh street. we have done some neighborhood outrage. -- outreach. jim meko has said -- it has a height one of 65 feet. we are keeping it at a smaller scale. war in keeping with the adjoining building and businesses. the neighborhood is changing. if you look at the last page of this handout, the reason i have
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that there, that is a very interesting and popular cafe, which is extremely popular south of market and that is directly next door. again, we are on the third floor. it is a 100-seat dining area. behind them are the offices [inaudible] and the restaurant. the top floor patio will be enclosed in glass which will keep the noise down. i am sure that when we get to the abc recommendations, there will be some recommendations on hours. we envision this as a daytime cafe. that is it.
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the outreach we have done, we just started. on a project even of this scale which is sort of a middle sized project, you have to keep the neighbors happy. you want to bring them into the process. we have met with the soma leadership council. we met with cmac, we had ou treach meetings with the neighbors. radius put out a great spread and half the people signed on. some of the comments langdon residents put out, some of the older residents, the rawhide used to exit sometimes out of the back on langdon, which, as you can imagine, it is a narrow alley, a 24-foot alley. this has a capacity of 514.
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if you put them out into the alley, you have a problem. the reason they were happy is they are going to be in keeping, good-looking buildings. we have pictures -- this is what the residence will look like. it will be in keeping with the size of the adjoining buildings. it will be -- i think it says so in the invitations, it will be all green materials. this will have would on the front of the building. the neighborhood meetings, we have met and talked to urban solutions about this. on the sound attenuation, i mentioned to charles salter.
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he has been doing this for about 20 years. i know that dave was requesting a continuance. due to some funny roles in the san francisco planning, this place has been vacant since my client bought it about two and three-quarters years ago. they attempted to put a liquor license back on the place, there were some issues. i believe this was when the war on fun was raging, full on hurricane. it was basically now, out go away. when you have a 30-year liquor license, go away. we're back again. we are in an economic situation now where the city fathers get the fact that we need tax revenue and this is a great project. i think the neighborhood will be behind it. i would request tonight a
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conditional grant which will help us with bank financing and it will help us keep the planning commission at bay, because they like to look at things and say, sorry, you have abandoned your usage so we will not give you any entertainment. if you have any questions, we will be happy to answer them. president newlin: i have one for staff. we do not have the input from the police department, or we do? we do not. i do not understand conditional approval. >> unless i have the signoffs, it is always a conditional grant. we're asking for a conditional grant. we would be willing to stipulate that we will come back before the commission once there are conditions proposed by the police, which we can then discuss. the conditional grant is, we
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will not be open any time in the next six months we have lots of time to talk about conditions. we're under a time crunch with the planning commission. president newlin: 6 months, is this all going to be completed before you open, the construction? >> no. we have some time. are we going to open the existent place while we are getting going? this has to go through a conditional use and planning, it has to go through a lot of hoops. just to get a demolition permit on something like this, it is the lowest level. >president newlin: this is long- range, something in the future. right now you want a conditional permit for place of entertainment on the old location. nothing to do with this. >> are showing you where we're going with it. we need to get that sort of in
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place before the time runs out with planning. they will look it and say -- >> when -- do you have a date for when the planning department -- >> we are going in for a meeting in two or three months. >> with respect to the issues of abandonment and the planning department recommendations to us, is there a time frame, is there cut off date? >> has planning been sent anything on this one? >> they came back with -- >> we have not gotten a response. for clarification, i believe, this is something you might want to clarify with the applicant. he is requesting a conditional
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grant which is an action on paper by this commission sets that -- such that the planning department does not consider this abandoned in an area where new entertainment is not a permitted use. >> if we lose our underlining zoning -- if we lose the nonconforming use, we're out. >> the other thing that there's some question and clarification is, if you do grant a conditional grant on the exact -- existing base, what are the applicants intentions in the existing space, mold on the walls or not? i am not clear from the presentation as to whether they intend to do entertainment in the existing space, and if so,
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the grand tour making without input from the police department is important. -- grant you are making without input from the police department is important. president newlin: you want a conditional grant so you do not lose your ability to open this long-range club. in the interim, are you going to have entertainment and use the place of entertainment license at the old location? >> the answer to that is yes. however, as i have noted, the architects and everybody going through are running up satele as to what it would cost. a conditional grant does not allow us to end -- open and entertainment venue. we have to sign off from health, building, fire, noise abatement, electrical. if that cannot be done, economically, we still would like to have a pending entertainment permit while we go forward because the bank wants
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to see it, our investors want to see it, and i would like to open this within six months, yes, but i am not sure that can be done just because of the cost factor. it may be better to knock it down and build up again. >> what kind of entertainment are you going to do? >> it will be a similar operation to the cafe in the castro. i am sure commissioner hyde has been there. i will -- it is a mixed clientele, a little skewed on the day side. it was formerly an entirely gay bar. >> mark pointed out there is a
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stage so we are hoping to have live performances. what we have at the cafe, we have been experimenting with live acts once a month. since the venue is limited in space, we cannot have appropriate bounds and groups that we want to perform. we're hoping we can attract an older clientele and have a venue -- with the neighborhood, it is a mixed use building. the cafe is 9 percent -- 90% gay and 10% straight. president newlin: that is so far down the line, having gone through a project with the city myself, i will not be around. >> we are focusing on the 280 project? >> what is planned for this and how we will do that by not circumventing the police department and everybody else.
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>> we're hoping to go with this model. as far as demolition. >> they want to know about right now. the answer is, we do not know. >> right now we're trying to get funding for the big project. we are not able to get that funding. >> it is the concern, if this was a straight would not do anything until we get the new place, we have not had the review by the police department. it puts us in a difficult spot. we do not want you to lose the ability to do the project further down the line. i do not know what your time line is but what it can -- be conceivable to continue this to the meeting -- next meeting and have this review by the police
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department? would that affect your time lines? i do not see how we can approve something without getting police and put. unless i am missing something. only because you are planning on doing something with it in its current state. >> we have lots of time on the one hand oand on the other hand we might not have any time. i believe we may be right up against this much -- the ability to have the planning department, and say, you have lost your nonconforming use. we're not going to approve entertainment. president newlin: let's here from the public. or the police department. >> i think it is critical we review a couple of early comments. one that the deputy director
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mentioned. monday was a holiday. today is tuesday. i did not know this was on calendar tonight. we are getting one side of the story from their legal counsel. we have not had an opinion from the legal department or the city attorney. the fact we're talking about this -- there is a project under foot. i do not see how it would be in the city's best interest or the public's or the industries to set such a standard.


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